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Islambaad Run With Us (IRU) was created with the intent of creating a running community that supports and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle through group events and participation. The main aim of the club is to foster and bolster a running culture in Islamabad and it’s neighbouring cities. Islamabad is a city of Highly educated people who understand the importance of fitness in life. All they needed was a platform which could motivate and guide them in proper direction. We provided that platform through running club.

The group was established in September 2016 by a few friends who were also running enthusiasts. Over the course of 3 years, the group has increased tremendously and our recent group runs have even attracted more than 500 runners, including people from all ages and genders. We have more than active 10,000 folowers on facebook page; the link to the page is given below:

The Group operated by organising weekly group runs on every Saturday. We aim to explore differing running routes in Islamabad, including the beautiful trails of Margalla hills and its majestic roads. We tend to cater for runners of all capabilities and make sure that no one is left behind during our gropu runs. The experienced runners in our cluyb are always there to help  guide a beginners to approach their running in a proper way so as to avoid injuried and burn-out both in the short nad long term. We do not charge any of our members for participating in our runs.

In addition to our regular weekly group runs and hikes, IRU has successfully organised the following events:

In September 2019, IRU celebrated it’s 3rd anniversary by organising the first Plogging activity in Pakistan where the runners picked up litter at trail5 during running promoting an eco friendly running culture.


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